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IT and business modernization fails if your legacy system cannot communicate with the new generation cloud applications for managing sales automation, human resources, financial planning, inventory control, and other critical business processes.

Regardless of the technologies or business goals, integration makes modernization work. And new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) technology is revolutionizing how organizations can carry out their application modernization initiatives.

In this "Executive Brief: Application Modernization," you will learn about:
  • Implementing IT modernization and digital transformation initiatives
  • Developing an integration-centric approach to modernization
  • Top use cases for integration-centric modernization
  • Benefits of iPaaS-lead modernization
  • Ways to stay ahead of the modernization curve with cloud integration

The shape and scope of modernization initiatives vary widely, but its goals are common across organizations and industries — to support a digital transformation strategy for building a more agile, customer-centric, and data-driven business that can outpace the competition.

Download the Boomi "Executive Brief: Application Modernization" now to gain valuable insights for driving your modernization initiative with a cloud-based integration strategy.

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The Role of Integration in Application Modernization

Bring greater speed and agility to your business by leveraging Cloud integration

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