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Digital transformation is an imperative for most modern businesses. But implementing such an expansive and critical strategy is no easy task.

In this Dell Boomi Executive Brief, “Integration: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation,” our experts provide insights and guidance for how you can harness cloud-based integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) technologies to drive your organization’s digital transformation.

This Executive Brief will help you understand:

  • The many flavors of digital transformation
  • The five areas of greatest payback from digital transformation
  • The difference among hybrid IT, hybrid cloud, and shadow IT environments
  • The benefits of an integration-centric approach to digital transformation
  • How to quickly and flexibly integrate data and applications

Download your copy of “Integration: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation” today and learn how you can use cloud-based integration to keep your organization competitive in the rapidly evolving digital future.

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