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Also learn how Dell Boomi helps customers integrate NetSuite with other applications.

Check out this customer case study to find out how ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion & Market Research) enhanced business agility and reduced costs by integrating its website, on-premises SQL database and NetSuite CRM+ in the cloud. Discover how Dell Boomi AtomSphere enabled this organization to quickly develop efficient, automated processes that capture, transfer and store customer data to improve accuracy and provide better customer care.

Access to business intelligence (BI) or data analytics is becoming increasingly important. Research shows that companies using BI are much more likely to make and execute decisions faster, and to be ranked in the top quartile of financial performance in their industries.

The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Platform has the potential to put actionable BI into the hands of business users. However, users will likely face several data integration and data quality issues in the process. Read this guidebook to see how to easily overcome those challenges with an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It covers helpful topics, such as:

  • Common Salesforce Analytics Cloud business processes that benefit from iPaaS
  • Using iPaaS to address integration challenges
  • Evaluating an iPaaS vendor
  • Creating an integration project implementation checklist

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